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BioServices: a common Python package to access biological Web Services programmatically (2013)

Cokelaer, T., Pultz, D., Harder, L.M., Serra-Musach, J., Saez-Rodriguez, J.


Motivation: Web interfaces provide access to numerous biological databases. Many can be accessed to in a programmatic way thanks to Web Services. Building applications that combine several of them would benefit from a single framework.

Results: BioServices is a comprehensive Python framework that pro- vides programmatic access to major bioinformatics Web Services (e.g. KEGG, UniProt, BioModels, ChEMBLdb). Wrapping additional Web Services based either on Representational State Transfer or Simple Object Access Protocol/Web Services Description Language technologies is eased by the usage of object-oriented programming. Availability and implementation: Bio

Services releases and documentation are available at under a GPL-v3 license.

Bioinformatics (2013) 29: 3241-3242

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